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Last Updated: 2020-02-18

Trying out AWS.Tools in Docker

February 4, 2020 -

If you’re a frequent user of the AWS Powershell tools, you’ve probably had this experience: you go to run a couple commands against your AWS environment. You do it all the time, so you know to type But out of force of habit you type And hit the tab key. Now you’re sitting and waiting for several minutes while Powershell loads all of the AWS modules for IAM, ECS, Cloudfront, S3, etc, etc, etc, even though you only want to interact with EC2. Read more about Trying out AWS.Tools in Docker

Hosting is a Detail

January 30, 2020 -

Hosting is a detail Last summer, we read Clean Architecture by Bob Martin as a book club at Omnitech. We all learned a lot. I even co-presented at SD Code Camp about Clean Architecture with John Townsend. Uncle Bob showed us in his book that we need to isolate our Critical Business Rule Code from our Application Rule Code. Then we need to create another layer to isolate from the details such as the database, devices, web, UI and external interfaces. Read more about Hosting is a Detail

AWS Lambda Functions with Modular Powershell

January 18, 2020 -

It’s been a while since AWS released support for running Powershell in Lambda Functions. Up until now all of the Lambda functions I’ve worked with have been either python or NodeJS, but we recently had a project that needed to update a database from inside of a deployment pipeline. We’re trying to retire an old admin box where users would run Powershell management scripts to do things like provision servers, configure customer accounts, etc. Read more about AWS Lambda Functions with Modular Powershell

My troubleshooting routine

January 4, 2020 -

This post is going to have fewer technical examples and be more about my troubleshooting methodology. The concepts I’m going to describe may seem rudimentary to some, intuitive to others, and eye opening to a few. I’ve watched enough junior engineers wrestle with solving vague problems I felt it was worth documenting my approach. When you’re a junior developer or a computer science it’s easy to get used curated problems — that is bugs or issues that are scoped for you and may come with some guidance toward a solution. Read more about My troubleshooting routine

Updating Service Fabric after updating .Net Core 3.1 and the Nuget packages

December 13, 2019 -

Updating Service Fabric after updating .Net Core 3.1 and the Nuget packages While working on a SF Stateful Service that was .Net Core 2.2, .Net Core 3.1 was released. After I upgraded all the Nuget Packages I started getting a runtime exception in the SF explorer for my service that it couldn’t find C:\Program Files\Microsoft Service Fabric\bin\Fabric\Fabric.Code\NS_7. On 12/13/2019, I had these versions local:, SDK We are quite behind. Read more about Updating Service Fabric after updating .Net Core 3.1 and the Nuget packages

Become more productive with a clipboard manager

December 5, 2019 -

Become more productive with a clipboard manager As a developer, I find myself re-using the same strings I’ve copied over and over. Rather then putting those items in Notepad++ and then copying them again when I need them, I’ve found that a clipboard manager makes this much faster. I’ve been using Ditto for years. Windows 10 has a clipboard manager that came in 2019, just hit Windows + V. Visual Studio 2019 also has a clipboard ring history tool. Read more about Become more productive with a clipboard manager

An Apology to php[world] Attendees

October 17, 2019 -

Due to disorganization on my part, I accidentally booked php[world] 2019 to coincide with a family commitment. After reviewing a variety of options, I let the organizers know last week that I could no longer attend. It’s a situation I hate, because there’s nobody to blame but me, and no matter what option I could come up with, somebody would end up disappointed or inconvenienced. For my part, my family had to come first. Read more about An Apology to php[world] Attendees

Looking For A New Adventure

October 3, 2019 -

Fourteen years ago, almost to the day, I received a job offer from Zend to join their nascent eBiz team, where I started contributing almost immediately to the yet-to-be-announced Zend Framework. Two years later, I joined the Zend Framework team full-time. A year later, I was promoted to Architect. A year after that, I was promoted to Project Lead of Zend Framework, a role I kept for the next ten years. Read more about Looking For A New Adventure