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Last Updated: 2020-05-28

Working With Existing Code

May 20, 2020 -

Working With Existing Code I hope the code you work with is more like ravioli instead of spaghetti. I heard that from John Papa years ago. Most of the code we will work with is already existing. Let’s make it better as we work in it. "Indeed, the ratio of time spent reading versus writing is well over 10 to 1. We are constantly reading old code as part of the effort to write new code. Read more about Working With Existing Code

Ajax promises without jQuery

May 4, 2020 -

Ajax promises without jQuery I originally posted on on 10/07/2014. I decided to port it here, after getting another up-vote on my StackOverflow answer. I’m trying to move away from jQuery, since I’m using Knockout and AngularJS more all the time. I’ve always done my AJAX calls with the useful jQuery $.ajax( method. Searching for “ajax without jquery” brings up a lot of results, but they all include how to do it with jQuery. Read more about Ajax promises without jQuery

Public Cert Trust Stores in Ruby: What am I trusting and should I be? The internet is scary

April 11, 2020 -

When I was a senior in college (longer ago than I should admit to) I did a demonstration about sniffing user’s facebook traffic when they were using wifi at my college. At the time Facebook didn’t redirect HTTP -> HTTPS by default and most users were connecting over plaintext. Since then Facebook has switched to secure browsing by default, and most companies are encrypting traffic in transit whether it’s internal or external. Read more about Public Cert Trust Stores in Ruby: What am I trusting and should I be? The internet is scary

Hosting a User Group on Zoom (when it’s normally in person)

April 11, 2020 -

I’m not looking to add to the noise around using zoom to work remotely and connect with people during social distancing, but after spending some time on Google I couldn’t find a guide on how to do this. These are pretty much my own notes while I’m prepping to try and host a user group through zoom. Here’s my “minimal video call host check list” Let people know what they’re getting into (state that you’d like people to turn on video in the agenda, tell them what will happen during the meeting, ask for their patience while everyone gets used to the video chat)1. Read more about Hosting a User Group on Zoom (when it’s normally in person)

Cypress Authentication Header Overflow Error

March 28, 2020 - and Asp.Net Core 3.1 Header Overflow Error A colleague shared this problem with us over lunch. We’ve been excited about Cypress as a UI automation tool since we (Omnitech) first saw it presented at NDC 2019. I have past experience with Selenium and while it worked, I had too many hours trying to figure out why it tried to continue before the DOM was ready (and many other flaky test problems). Read more about Cypress Authentication Header Overflow Error

Tips and tricks for getting started in CDK (a.k.a. IaC is great! Daheck is typescript?)

March 9, 2020 -

I’ve been doing IaC in AWS for years now, primarily through Cloudformation and scripting languages like powershell and python. IaC is great, but these tools have some short comings like yaml being very verbose, and the powershell AWS SDKs not handling idem potency for you. Because of those short comings, I was very excited when AWS released AWS CDK a little over a year ago now. It cuts down on a lot of copying and pasting yaml files like you do in cloudformation, and gives you easier access to higher level language constructs like loops and if statements. Read more about Tips and tricks for getting started in CDK (a.k.a. IaC is great! Daheck is typescript?)

Learning a New Programming Language

February 24, 2020 -

In the past year I left my position as a Web Developer to work as a Software Developer. Not only did I leave web development behind, the core languages I use every day changed. I switched from a primarily PHP/Javascript developer to a Python/C++ developer. Changing a tech stacks created a need for me to learn a lot about a new language very quickly, I’ve decided to write down some of what I learned. Read more about Learning a New Programming Language

An Apology to php[world] Attendees

October 17, 2019 -

Due to disorganization on my part, I accidentally booked php[world] 2019 to coincide with a family commitment. After reviewing a variety of options, I let the organizers know last week that I could no longer attend. It’s a situation I hate, because there’s nobody to blame but me, and no matter what option I could come up with, somebody would end up disappointed or inconvenienced. For my part, my family had to come first. Read more about An Apology to php[world] Attendees