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Star Driven Development

July 15, 2019 -

*DD (Star Driven Development) We were joking with a new co-worker, that is just out of college, about all the *DD’s there out there. I thought it’d be fun to list the ones I could think of and find on the internet Test-Driven Development (TDD) Write your tests first. Red, Green, Refactor. This approach was introduced and made famous by Kent Beck in the “Test-Driven Development” book in 2003. Read more about Star Driven Development

Containers with Docker Introduction

June 29, 2019 -

A Docker Introduction for an hour Lunch and Learn We have a lot of lunch and learns at Omnitech. I enjoy these times where most of the developers can get together, share what we’re learning, and learn from others’s experiences and hard work. We have found the value of helping eachother leap frog up the learning ladder. I was able to go to NDC Minnesota 2019. I had the priviledge of attending Shahid Iqbahl’s (from the U. Read more about Containers with Docker Introduction

Using Git Inside of TFVC

June 12, 2019 -

Using Git inside of TFVC I’ve written about how I “like git over TFVC” recently. We can’t always change things and it’s not always wise to do so. I’ve found that I can still use Git locally to have the goodies of Git (a history of commits, branches, stashing, fast switching between branches). This is especially useful for long running changesets (I know you’re not supposed to have those, but you can’t change everything). Read more about Using Git Inside of TFVC

Why I'm deciding to start back up my podcast

June 9, 2019 -

It’s just time I guess. Time for me to get back into building somewhat of a brand and authority in the technology space. I can’t sit there and say that I’ve had the best quality podcast or content ever (far from it actually) but I can say I’m certain it’s helped me get noticed to some extent, build some connections online, and even aid in career advancement. Read more about Why I'm deciding to start back up my podcast

Managing Multiple PHP versions via the ondrej/php PPA

May 1, 2019 -

Last week, I did some system updates, and then decided to compile the most recent PHP releases. I’ve used phpbrew to manage multiple PHP releases for a number of years, and having it install a new version is fairly routine. Except this time, it wasn’t. Due to updates I installed, I was getting errors first with compiling the GD extension, then with ext-intl: If you want Freetype support in ext-gd, you are expected to install the package libfreetype-dev. Read more about Managing Multiple PHP versions via the ondrej/php PPA