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Last Updated: 2020-05-28

Change is Scary; The Future is Bright

January 25, 2016 -

After two awesome years, it’s time. My last day at Lemonly will be this Friday, January 29th. That’s a hard thing for me to write. I’ve been at Lemonly since December 2013, two of the best years of my life. But as with all things in life, change is what keeps us scared and growing. What’s next? I’m finally starting my own business. I’ve been doing contract front-end development, building anything from huge web apps to WordPress themes, for startups and agencies, part time, for almost 5 years. Read more about Change is Scary; The Future is Bright

Python and JSON-RPC

December 1, 2013 -

In playing with Bitcoin, in this case specifically with the bitcoin-qt client, I found myself wanting to more granularly control which of my coins I spent. This probably isn’t something most people care about, or maybe even solve by using multiple wallets, but I thought that it would be nice to choose which addresses were used for transactions. I found that I was not alonein that desire. But sadly, the patch has yet to be merged despite going through a number of iterations. Read more about Python and JSON-RPC