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Using Git Inside of TFVC

June 12, 2019 -
Using Git inside of TFVC I’ve written about how I “like git over TFVC” recently. We can’t always change things and it’s not always wise to do so. I’ve found that I can still use Git locally to have the goodies of Git (a history of commits, branches, stashing, fast switching between branches). This is especially useful for long running changesets (I know you’re not supposed to have those, but you can’t change everything).

Managing Multiple PHP versions via the ondrej/php PPA

May 1, 2019 -
Last week, I did some system updates, and then decided to compile the most recent PHP releases. I’ve used phpbrew to manage multiple PHP releases for a number of years, and having it install a new version is fairly routine. Except this time, it wasn’t. Due to updates I installed, I was getting errors first with compiling the GD extension, then with ext-intl: If you want Freetype support in ext-gd, you are expected to install the package libfreetype-dev.

From Zend Framework To The Laminas Project

April 17, 2019 -
Ten years ago this month, I was involved in a couple of huge changes for Zend Framework. First, I helped spearhead integration of the JavaScript library Dojo Toolkit into Zend Framework, and finalized the work that month. I’d worked closely with the two developers who had been leading that project at the time, and one thing that came up during our discussions was that they had helped create an open source foundation for the project, to ensure its continuity and longevity, and to ensure the project can outlive the ups and downs of any commercial company.

How to Pass Variables to a Partial Template in Hugo

April 14, 2019 -
As a developer, I want to keep my code as DRY as is feasible for the given project. In a Hugo project, that’s where the Partial templates come in. Partials are smaller, context-aware components in your list and page templates that can be used economically to keep your templating DRY. Partials, however, have one serious limitation, they’re cached during the build of a given page (or scope). Once a partial has been created, no outside logic can adjust what the partial returns (for the page).

Hosting Hugo on Aws Cloudfront and Route53 Using Ansible

April 12, 2019 -
It’s really easy to to set up a website on AWS’s s3 service, but if you want to use a certificate (you do), it’s just a bit more work. With Ansible as my hammer, everything is a nail. Here’s a quick playbook I used to set up my site to use cloudfront. This playbook creates the bucket, sets up an s3 website in the bucket, creates a cloudfront distribution with reasonable parameters, enables an existing Certificate Manager certificate on the site, and points DNS records at the cloudfront distribution.

Latest jobs posted:

.Net Developer

June 12, 2019 - Blend Interactive
Long story short, this is what we look for in our .NET developers: In addition to the server-side language, we need someone who loves to code and knows HTML, Javascript, CSS, and jQuery. We need someone who can take ideas and turn them into clean, solid code. Someone who can grasp the big picture while still getting the details right. Someone who can turn out great websites without losing their sense of humor. You’re out there. We know it.

Database Developer

May 20, 2019 -
The team is currently concentrated on scaling web products that reach millions of car buyers and launching cutting-edge web and mobile applications. This position will involve database design and development of solutions and implementing a deliberate architecture for data integration and data movement across the organization.

Software Engineer

March 14, 2019 - Omnitech
Omnitech is looking to add dedicated, eager, open-minded engineers to our Sioux Falls and Rapid City locations. Omnitech works with companies of all sizes, capabilities, and industries which including banking, medical and manufacturing. The one constant: investment in technology is critical to their business growth.