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Last Updated: 2020-05-28

Trying Out Hugo

February 8, 2019 -

I’ve been pretty heavily reorganizing and simplifying my life lately, so it was time to replace the tired old Wordpress blog at ShellRunner with something more deserving. Wordpress has been a great platform over the years, but as a constant target of attacks, it could also be a pain to keep up. Also, it’s much more fun to write my posts in Markdown, instead of in a browser editor. This is post #1 trying out Hugo, a fast static generator written in Go with a lot of features. Read more about Trying Out Hugo

Solving the "We were unable to load Disqus" Error

January 27, 2019 -

TLDR: Make sure you’re setting the category_id field in the Disqus load script to a valid value, or just don’t use it at all. Problem While migrating my blog over to GatsbyJS from Ghost, I ran into this peculiar error when trying to load Disqus. We were unable to load Disqus. If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide This particular error was quite annoying because it gave no information on what actually went wrong. Read more about Solving the "We were unable to load Disqus" Error

How to Debug Entity Framework Migration Errors

January 21, 2019 -

Prerequisite In this article, I assume you have a working knowledge of the Entity Framework ORM and its migrations feature. If you don’t, take a look through Entity Framework documentation and its migrations section before continuing. Introduction If you’ve ever worked with the Entity Framework ORM for any length of time, then you’ve likely worked with its migrations feature. And more than likely, you’ve had to debug one (or many) of your migrations when trying to run an update-database through the package manager console. Read more about How to Debug Entity Framework Migration Errors

Showing Firefox close tab on tab hover

January 3, 2019 -

I switched from Chrome to Firefox a few months ago. For the most part…it feels roughly the same but there was one subtle difference that finally irked me to the point of googling: having to right click on a tab to close it. In Chrome, when you hover over the active tab the close button pops up. This means you can pretty easily close multiple tabs by clicking the last tab on the right, clicking close, and then repeatedly clicking as the close tab appears in each successive tab. Read more about Showing Firefox close tab on tab hover

IBM i Dotfiles CLI RPM & SoBored RPM Repo

December 28, 2018 -

Due to community feedback about the install process and usage of my IBM i Dotfiles, I have decided to create a command line interface (CLI) and an RPM to install the aforementioned CLI. Welcome the IBM i CLI RPM and SoBored RPM Repo. This was also an experiment for myself to learn how to build RPMs and host an RPM repo. I have a feeling that I’ll be adding more RPMs over time. Read more about IBM i Dotfiles CLI RPM & SoBored RPM Repo

Setting up a static site in S3

November 29, 2018 -

A Static Website I had a great conversation with a friend from work about doing some devblog stuff. Till then, I hadn’t heard of generating static web pages, especially not with some content generator. I was intrigued to say the least. Here we are, writing a devblog and utilizing some cool stuff. The only problems I have with this plan: The phrase devblog is not my favorite, and I’m not great at writing. Read more about Setting up a static site in S3

Template Literals and Tagged Templates

September 2, 2018 -

The ES6 spec blessed us with a new string superpower. Strings are already pretty lucky. Developers can use single quotes or double quotes to wrap around a string. (Some languages only get half that many options!) So what need is there for another (apparent) string wrapper? Template Literals Template Literals solve a couple thorny issues with traditional strings. Whether you wrap a string in single or double quotes, it’s still a static line of text. Read more about Template Literals and Tagged Templates

IBM i Dotfiles – How to Configure BASH on IBM i

June 8, 2018 -

Dotfiles – Hidden configuration files, usually found in one’s home directory, that are characterized by the dot at the beginning of the filename. Example: .profile If you’re like me and need to access many IBM i instances, copying your dotfile configurations and keeping them synced between instances can become cumbersome. Maybe you don’t need to access multiple IBM i instances, but you have complex configurations and scripts, and would like to keep them version controlled simply for organization and backup. Read more about IBM i Dotfiles – How to Configure BASH on IBM i

Extending the Iterator Trait in Rust

January 11, 2018 -

In Wrapped Iterators in Rust, I played around with creating an Iterator struct like Rust’s native Map<I>, Enumerate<I>, Filter<I>, etc. that wraps an iterator to create a new iterator. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. But there’s one thing I didn’t like about it. When dealing with iterables in Rust, they can all be chained nicely together. For example, some_iter .map(...) .filter(...) .enumerate() .collect() The CircularEnumerate<I> class I was playing with is in every way a peer to Rust’s classes, except that it can’t be chained. Read more about Extending the Iterator Trait in Rust

C# .NET Core, Console App, DI, and Serilog - Getting Started

December 21, 2017 -

My day job involves a lot of .NET Core development and a whole lot of logging. As a result, I’ve become accustomed to having logs when I need them. When working on pet projects I usually don’t spend as much time on the “niceties” of life. Lately I’ve started doing it a little more and wanted to detail some findings. Command line apps with CommandLineApplication # There’s a lot of resources out there on using Microsoft’s new CommandLineApplication. Read more about C# .NET Core, Console App, DI, and Serilog - Getting Started